One Part Harmony – FileMaker Database Design, Development, and Maintenance

The screens in the Contacts module serve as the dashboard for the FrameWork (and thus for your custom application), making it quick and easy to find people and organizations and then immediately access any related information.

Of course we've made certain that all the screens in the FrameWork look and work exactly the same on Windows and Mac OS, so no matter what kind of personal computers your authorized staff members use, they can access your application from work, home, or and the road. This example also show some additional navigation aids that can be viewed on the far right-hand side of the display.

From any screen in the FrameWork, it's easy to switch to any other: Just click on the name of any Module in the column of buttons down the right-hand side of the screen to choose your destination. The FrameWork has been built specifically to provide for maximum flexibility, adding new modules to customize the application for your particular business requirements can be accomplished in a very short time.

And if you're on the road or otherwise on an smaller laptop and your screen width doesn't accomodate the additional navigation bar, you can always just click the "Go to Module" text in the upper left of the banner to see a complete menu of available Modules in your solution..

The innovative "Back Up" and "Go Forward" buttons (the blue button under the large "Go to Module" heading on the right-hand side of the screen) let you quickly retrace your steps of all the records you've added, updated, viewed, and found across all the Modules of the system. Or you an click on the "History" text to see a menu of all the records you've recently viewed or edited.

To provide the ultimate in flexibility, the FrameWork allows you to link any Contact to any number of other Contacts to document the relationships between people, their family members, friends, employer, co-workers, volunteer organizations they belong to ... the possibilities are endless.

On the Communications tab, you can see a chronological list of all the interactions between a Contact and all of your staff members: email, written coorespondence, notes of meetings or consultations, etc. You can click once to view the entire message.

If you sponsor seminars, present workshops, or offer a series of classes, the Attendance module provides an efficient mechanism for publishing the details of your events, registering individuals for events they choose to attend, and then providing a simple way to see all the events in which a particular person has participated.

The Document Storage module lets you store many kinds of files – Word documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, audio and video clips, art work, etc. -- and link these files to one or more Contacts. This gives you an easy way to store resumés you receive, photos of people and events, budget summaries, and anything else in a way that allows any authorized members of your staff to access them with just a couple of mouse clicks.

The Orders module lets you record newly-placed Orders, produce and mail and/or email invoices, and then ship and track individual packages. On the Contacts screen you can see a summary of all Orders placed by a given business or individual, and you can click on a specific Order to see all the details.