FileMaker Database Design, Development, and Maintenance

FileMaker Database Design and Development

Our primary goal at One Part Harmony is to develop custom computer applications for our clients to let them do more business using fewer people hours to get it done – with a higher level of customer support than can be achieved manually.

When you use fewer people to achieve superior results, you spend fewer dollars, euros, and yen. And this translates into a better bottom line for your enterprise. Period.

Though we are business problem solvers first and foremost, we are technical experts in all aspects of database and Web design. We derive great satisfaction from seeing your staff discover that they can now do in seconds what previously took them hours (or days) to accomplish ... seeing that the moment they put some data into the computer, any other staff member who needs that information can find it ... instantly.


We has been developing with FileMaker for over a decade. Our founder, Morgan Jones, began his first project with version 5.0 in 1998, and we have utilized each new release since then (5.5, 6, 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16).

We specialize in FileMaker development because FileMaker provides the fastest, most cost-effective means of creating a new application that:

  • Is fully customized to the specific details of how your enterprise does business.
  • Makes all information available to all team members – with secure and easy-to-manage access control so each employee sees only what he or she is authorized to see.
  • Provides a modern, graphical interface that supports exactly the workflow you and your staff require for exactly the way you interact with clients, suppliers, and each other.
  • Looks and operates exactly the same whether your staff use Windows-based PCs, Macs, or a combination of both.
  • Can be hosted in-house on a Windows, Macintosh, or Linux server – or can be hosted in the cloud at a very low cost.
  • Can be linked to your web site to connect clients, partners, suppliers, and even far-flung staff members to vital information in your custom FileMaker database via the Internet.

If you're ready to graduate from storing critical client data in dozens of Excel spreadsheets, multiple Outlook or Entourage contact lists, and a seemingly infinite number of Word documents – scattered around on numerous personal computers throughout your facility – we can help you pull all your information assets together in an organized, easily-accessible repository.

Whether your organization consists of just you and one assistant, or you have hundreds of employees on your team spread out around the country or the world, FileMaker can connect all your team members to all your data. And we can build the FileMaker applications you need to maximize your success.
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Connecting Your Databases to the Web

Today your clients expect your Web site to give them access to every detail of your relationships with them. And they expect every bit of information to be updated instantaneously.

  • Shoppers want to scan your catalog, see what's in-stock and what's on backorder, and then place orders in the middle of the night and in the comfort of their pajamas.
  • Customers want to to track current orders and lookup the details for all their previous purchases and returns.process
  • Students want to review their transcripts, see up-to-date class schedules, print class handouts, and register online for next semester.
  • Patients want to make appointments via the web, retrieve recommendations from their recent visits, and view completed lab results as soon as testing is completed.
  • Prospects want to locate the closest retail store that carries your products and get driving directions or read detailed explanations of your services and policies.
  • Staff members need to access and update the same data they use every day at the office, even when they're on the road – from any location with a computer and an Internet connection.

When you use FileMaker to build applications that provide your staff with the ability to update and share the information they use every day, you've already taken a big step toward making that same data accessible to your customers. Using the Web-publishing technology built into the latest versions of FileMaker, it is much faster than ever before to link your Web site to live information in your databases.

We can help you publish information from your database directly to your current Web site, integrating detailed data from your daily work flow directly into new and existing Web pages. And we can help you improve customer service while reducing the number of people hours required to support your customers by making in possible for your clients to conduct business with you via the Internet.
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Business Consulting ... Your Partner for Success

processMorgan Jones, here, founder of One Part Harmony. Having run several businesses of my own, I've accumulated a few battle scars from the myriad of challenges I faced along the way. And I've learned important lessons – from my successes and from my failures – about the fundamental truths of starting, growing, and leading a successful enterprise.

I can call on my experience in business and non-profit organizations to help you in many different ways:

  • I can be your brainstorming partner to help you more quickly determine the best approach to tackle a new undertaking, solve one or a series of interrelated problems that stand in the way of smooth and efficient operations, or work with individuals or teams within your organization to resolve outstanding issues at the grassroots level.
  • I can lead specific projects or initiatives. If you need to upgrade your accounting systems, open a new location, or recruit a team for a new client opportunity, I can slide into the right slot in your team's hierarchy to get the balling rolling quickly ... with minimal start-up overhead.
  • I can ensure the computer applications we develop for your endeavor will be built on a firm foundation of sound business logic, good judgment, a high regard for your mission, and a deep understanding of the need to balance the interests of all stakeholders in your enterprise – clients, staff, stockholders, suppliers, and the larger community in which you operate.

I approach every consulting assignment as if I were a partner in your business, and I work to support you, your people, and your goals. I know your increased success will translate into our success, as well, so I always focus on this specific outcome.
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processNetwork Design & Deployment

In today's online existence, the reliability, speed, and capacity of your firm's connections among team members – and between in-house information workers and the rest of the world – can make a big impact on the quality of your customer service and the productivity of your employees.

We can help you design, procure, install, and manage your local area network resources to give your team the fastest response times, the right balance between security and accessibility, and top-notch reliability in everyday operations. And we can assist you in choosing the right providers for your hosting needs and your link to the Internet cloud to ensure you stay connected to customers, to suppliers, and to staff members working remotely.

Whether you need to upgrade or expand your existing network – or you are starting from scratch at a new facility – we can work with you and your network suppliers to optimize this essential piece of basic business infrastructure.
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processAccounting Systems and Practices

Do you need to install a point-of-sale system to handle retail sales transactions quickly and accurately?

Do you need to teach your office administrator how to balance a bank account?

Do you need to establish a merchant account or create a web store to expand the ways for potential customers to buy from you?

Would you like to reduce the time it takes to pay your vendors by replacing your paper checks with electronic disbursements?

We can call on years of experience with accounting systems for small- and medium-size businesses to help you simplify and streamline any or all of your accounting chores. And we can provide systems to sift through your accounting records to deliver meaningful analyses of sales, purchases, or cash flow history so you can identify patterns and better understand how your growing business can benefit from informed changes you might make in any of these areas.
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